Wing Ding–benefit for UCP Heartland

We went to the Wing Ding last night to benefit UCP Heartland at the Holiday Inn Expo Center. Several restaurants around Columbia gathered to prepare their best wings at he chance of winning a trophy for several categories. We arrived about 5:45, and the lines were already nearly stretching out the door into the parking... Continue Reading →


Big Cheeze

We tried the Big Cheeze last night at an event at Cosmo Park. We were happy to see that there were 5 different varieties of cheese, and 6 sandwiches to choose from. Each sandwich was served with a bag of chips and a pickle. Jesse had Ronz Favorite (a grilled cheese with bacon and tomatoes)... Continue Reading →

Ruby Tuesday: Salad Bar

We ventured out Tuesday evening to eat at Ruby Tuesday's, having heard that they recently added new selections to their salad bar. I did note that the price had increased from my list visit, which was hardly surprising given the new selection of items--at $9.99 it was still a great deal for all-you-can-eat. I noticed... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Brio

I had the opporunity to eat at Brio this past weekend while in Kansas City for a bachelorette party for one of my girlfriends. We had a delightful server named Marvin who was very attentive. I opted to have the lemonade because it was house-squeezed-- partnered with the kale salad, which was topped with crumbled... Continue Reading →

Fly Over

Finally had the opportunity to try this place out, and I am kicking myself for waiting. My husband and I shared 3 small plates: fried chicken with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and a soft pretzel. The atmosphere was relaxing, the food was incredible, (that Mac and Cheese!) and the prices were reasonable. Think comfort... Continue Reading →

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