Big Cheeze


We tried the Big Cheeze last night at an event at Cosmo Park. We were happy to see that there were 5 different varieties of cheese, and 6 sandwiches to choose from. Each sandwich was served with a bag of chips and a pickle.

Jesse had Ronz Favorite (a grilled cheese with bacon and tomatoes) and I had the Pre-Schooler (a regular grilled cheese). We’d requested no tomatoes on the Ronz Favorite, but unfortunately tomatoes still found their way onto the sandwich. Both sandwiches were tasty, but I think Jesse’s exact words were “this is delicious!”

The Pre-Schooler was a perfectly acceptable grilled cheese, it was prepared the way I would do so at home so it was familiar. I was surprised that the prices were as high as they were for what you received, as my sandwich, an ordinary grilled cheese, was $7.  Jesse’s was $8.

I was disappointed that they had beverages on display that were unavailable (they had just opened, so I wasn’t sure of the excuse there), the oversight on the tomatoes, and the lack of napkins–the sandwiches were greasy, so they definitely should have been served with napkins. The pickle was delicious although I would say it wasn’t very big.

Our experience was average, we will try it again and give it another go another time.




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