Ruby Tuesday: Salad Bar


We ventured out Tuesday evening to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s, having heard that they recently added new selections to their salad bar.

I did note that the price had increased from my list visit, which was hardly surprising given the new selection of items–at $9.99 it was still a great deal for all-you-can-eat.

I noticed a few things upon approaching the bar. First, the plates were nice and chilled which was great for the salad but not so great for hands–I found that they were slightly too cold for me to comfortably hold while doing the procession down the line. It was dinner time when we arrived so the plates were stacked consistently, and the food was also replaced and stocked regularly throughout our visit.

I was delighted to see the spread and new items which included artichoke hearts, edamame, kale, roasted corn and sliced red and green bell peppers. There were eight new salad dressings, most noteworthy were the Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette, and Garden Herb Ranch. They have even stocked the salad bar with a pepper grinder so that you may pepper your salad with fresh peppercorns–that was wonderful.

I have often enjoyed the salad bar and was happy with the new tasty options. It would be difficult to find anything with this much selection for a better price.



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