Wing Ding–benefit for UCP Heartland

We went to the Wing Ding last night to benefit UCP Heartland at the Holiday Inn Expo Center. Several restaurants around Columbia gathered to prepare their best wings at he chance of winning a trophy for several categories. We arrived about 5:45, and the lines were already nearly stretching out the door into the parking lot.

Inside, there were 4 “sections” of restaurant booths, where you could walk through and get your wings and then sit down to eat, get up, and go on to the next section. I did see some people that went through all four sections at once, but I tend to savor my wings so I wanted to eat them without getting cold.

For me it came down to three different restaurants that I felt had the best wing flavor. Room 38, Stadium Grille, and Hy-Vee. Room 38 had a wonderful flavor and texture, while Stadium Grille had the best crunch. However, for me, Hy-Vee took the cake with flavor, texture, and juiciness.

The trophies were handed out according to category :Dry Rub, Sauced, and Specialty wing. Hy-Vee did win the best sauced,  Truman’s won for best specialty wing and D’Rowes won for best dry rub and people’s choice, while Como Smoke and Fire took the second place for sauced, third in dry rub and also in specialty wing.


What a night!


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